AlkaViva Trident 3-Stage Whole House Optimum Fluoride Filter

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Why Choose the AlkaViva Trident Whole House Filter

The AlkaViva TRIDENT Whole House Water Filter System is a low cost solution to water filtration. Offering exceptional heavy metal protection (including Iron, lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium) they also offer excellent protection from many water based virus and bacteria.

Each system houses three 20 inch filters manufactured using proprietary, patented electrodsorptive media technology. We are only interested in supplying the best solution for our customers and use only the best filters available.

Stage 1 :  A 1 micron sacrificial pre-filter

  • Protect the more expensive downstream filters


  • Effective removal of VOC’s, Pathogens, Heavy Metals as documented in Ind. Test Reports

Stage 3 : Bonechar Filter

  • Fluoride Removal Using Bonechar Filters 


How can I remove Pathogens, Heavy Metals and Fluoride  from my water?

1. The only filter available that removes; 

  • Pathogens
  • Heavy Metals
  • Fluoride
  • + More

 2. Independent Laboratory Testing

  • Ensure your filter is removing what it claims it is removing
  • All our filters

4. Large Filters and Good Flow Rates

  • 1 Micron Filter (not 5 like competitors)
  • 4.5" x 20" filters are the minimum you need for a whole house filter
  • Flow rates suitable for a house

3. Manufactured and sourced from the USA

  • No Chinese filters or cheaply sourced sub-par quality materials used - EVER


Whole House Filter Results

The ULTRA-D filter reduces or removes the following pathogens:

  • >99.99% viruses (polio, rotovirus, norovirus, etc.)**
  • >99.99% bacteria (e coli, legionella, pseudomonas, etc.)**
  • >99.95% cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium, etc.)**

**Tested by a certified laboratory in the U.S. (testing was done at 6.5pH)
The AlkaViva Trident filter removes or reduces the following heavy metals:

  • >95% Lead**
  • >80% Ferrous Iron**
  • >95% Arsenic V**
  • >95% Cadmium**
  • >85% Chromium**
  • >75% Selenium**
  • >60% Mercury

The AlkaViva Tridentfilter removes or reduces the following organics and inorganic chemicals:

  • Chlorine (carbon version)
  • Bromine (carbon version)
  • Iodine (carbon version)
  • VOCs (volati le organic compounds)
  • PCBs and BPA
  • Residual pharmaceuticals
  • Biofouling precursors: organic acids, proteins, polysaccharides


The ULTRA-D media consists of coated micro-glass fibers produced using a wet laid nonwoven manufacturing technology. The base media is laminated between layers of spun-bond to provide both strength and pleat support. The media in the ULTRA-D filter is NSF 61-approved (Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects), and USP Class VI testing and endotoxin testing.
With the ability to remove membrane biofoulants such as organic acids, bacteria and cellular debris the ULTRA-D is an effective pre-filter to protect reverse osmosis membranes from biofouling. By reducing membrane biofouling, the ULTRA-D filter extends the performance and life of RO membranes by increasing the time between clean-in-place treatment and reduces the volume of reject water. Energy savings are
also gained, because clean membranes operate at reduced pressure drop, saving energy. Opportunities for improving RO membrane performance include industrial and municipal wastewater, water re-use, municipal drinking water and desalination.


Independent Test Results

Only AlkaViva has the confidence to test their water filters using an independent US EPA-Certified lab to ensure you are drinking not only alkaline water but clean and purified water with the best contaminant removal available. See the results here.




  • Chlorine, Chloramines & Free Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Fluoride
  • Nitrate, Nitrite
  • Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Boron, Cadmium, Chromium, Chromium, Copper
  • Iron Lead Manganese, Disinfectants and other Anions
  • *Note test results are dependant on the product

Product Specification

Country of Origin
  • Made in USA
No. Stages
  • 3 x Stage Filter 
Cartridge Sizes
  • 4.5" x 20"
Stage 1 Filter
  • 1 micron sacrificial Sediemnt pre-filter
Stage 2 Filter
Stage 3 Filter
  • Bonechar Filter
Shipping Weight
  • 21.5 kg
Filter Replacement
  • Every 12 months
Green Product
  • Eliminate plastic waste in filter replacement and plastic bottles